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I have always believed that our obligations to current and future generations of Americans require fiscal responsibility and a commitment to broad-based economic prosperity. We must work together to balance the budget and reduce our national debt, so that debt payments do not undermine our children's economic prospects. We must focus on creating quality jobs and maintaining domestic production of our nation's vital needs, while providing quality education to prepare our children to thrive in a global economy.
Education Education

As a former chemistry teacher, I believe that education is a lifelong activity that is essential not only to improving the lives of individuals, but to improving the health, security and prosperity of our communities. The federal government plays an important role in expanding educational opportunities. Early childhood educational resources are a key to sustained educational achievement, so I have always supported programs such as Head Start. In addition, I support Pell grants, college tuition tax deductions, and student loan interest rate cuts, because every American deserves access to higher education.
Energy Energy

Energy costs are a growing burden on family budgets, while energy production poses an increasing threat to our environment. As a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy & Water, I am proud to support a strong national investment in programs promoting research and development of clean and renewable energy technologies. The government must lead the way in promoting energy efficiency and environmentally-sound practices, but the responsibility for reducing our consumption of fossil fuels must be shared by all Americans.
Health Care Health Care

Millions of Americans cannot afford the comprehensive health insurance they need to receive quality preventative health care in addition to emergency care. The employer-based insurance system our nation relies on excludes many workers and their families, strains small businesses, and no longer meets our nation's needs. For that reason, I have long advocated for universal comprehensive health coverage and have co-sponsored and voted for the Affordable Care Act. Until that goal is achieved, I will continue to support incremental change, such as expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.
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